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Hawaiian fish hook

megladon shark tooth
Vintage Hawaiian and Surfing Art Prints

Vintage Hawaiian and Surfing Photography
Woody Wagon photograph Woody Wagon Photography
Red Hibscus Flower Photograph Hawaiian Floral Photography
Hula Doll with grass skirt Hula Art Photography
photograph of a natural starfish Mermaid Photographic Art Prints
breaking wave graphic Ocean Wave Photographic Art Prints

Vintage California Art Prints
Hand Tinted Hawaiian and Surfing Art Prints

You'll love our natural bamboo frames
an exclusive design handmade by us
 from raw materials in the  USA

We put a lot of time and care into the construction of our
 "natural bamboo frames"
and will match our frames against anyone else

Why pay the same price if not more for a plastic molded "faux"

 bamboo frame when you could have the real deal?

We offer:
 "hand antiqued" (hand sanded and hand stained)
natural bamboo 
wood backing,  clips and double screw hangers / 80lb wire

 available in two standard sizes
3" x 24" x 32" ( I.D.)
2.5" x 16" x 20" (I.D.)
(contact us for custom orders)


Excellent prices, plenty in stock,  "da kine"....

      Pan Am airlines art print with natural bamboo frame

    Vintage Hawaiian art print "hula circle" with natural bamboo picture frame

Two Natural bamboo picture frames

Detailed photograph of tewo natural bamboo picture frames, showing the corners up close.

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